Monday, 6 March 2017

Different Bridal Eye Makeup

One of my favorite passtimes (probably my favorite actually!) is to try different eye makeup looks. Either by myself or getting together with girlfriends and having fun. It's only when you try colors on that you actually see if they work on you. Colors you never thought would go together or are too bold turn out fabulous on you.


I was a little skeptical about using canary yellow in my inner eye corners
 but it blended perfectly with the different shades of summer greens we applied. I have brown eyes with slight green infusions and this look really brought out the green.
As usual I used the oldest trick in the book to brighten my eyes I lined my lower lash line with a white pencil. I use this trick practically every day. When you reach your thirties, your eyes need a little help :-)


    This is obviously a summer look with plenty of glitter. I was very careful not to apply glitter anywhere near the lower lash line as it would have highlighted my wrinkles. The colors are a grey/black/brown and they blended very well together. Definitely a yes for a hot summer evening to show off my tan. For more information about different eye makeup keep visiting

I needed a look for a work dinner so I came up with this eye makeup look. I used the technique of the neutral look but added a twist to spice it up. I mixed the nude brown colors with a rich plum (on the outer crease) and the result was an aubergine brown. The final touch was a dab of white highlighter on the brow bone. I loved it and so did my work colleagues. Simple but elegant eye makeup look.

This eye look is very dramatic, I know, but it looked great against my tanned skin. I used three shades of icy blues and two shades of icy greys. I then outlined my eyes with an electric blue eyeliner, making sure the bottom line was thicker than usual. Black mascara was the final touch. Perfect for tanned skin!

So, I invite you to do the same. Have a makeup party with your friends. Put on some great music, prepare a few snacks and unleash your creative side. Not only it's a wonderfully bonding exercise to try makeup combinations on with your friends but it's a sure way to discover what looks good on you.

Don't be afraid to experiment with colors, you'll be amazed at the different combinations you can mix and match. And you'll have tons of fun trying :-)

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Eye Shadow for asain bridal to Look Beautiful

A good eye shadow primer should turn your eye area into a soft canvas, greatly facilitating eye makeup application, and should also guarantee maximum hold of the shadow, ie, no creasing.

On top of all this, a good makeup primer should brighten your eyes and camouflage discoloration and/redness.

It's a lot of work for just one product:-)

Reminder: whether it's natural look for the office or a more dramatic smoky eye makeup look, it's always recommended to "prime" your eyes beforehand.

So what's the verdict? I review below two leading eye shadow primers on the market.

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear - Eye Shadow Base - Overall score: 3/10
The colour of the makeup product is similar to a skin foundation, ie, beige nude. When applied, it does little to brighten the eye, the colour is too dark.As for coverage of imperfections, I didn't see any benefits either. It did not cover any redness or discoloration.

The texture is similar to a silky mousse. It's pleasant to the touch and glides on easily.

Finally, for maximum hold. The eye shadow did crease after only a few minutes. Every skin type is different but this is what happened on mine.

2. Benefit - Lemon Aid Primer - Overall score: 9/10
At first sight, the very light yellowish colour might seem too bright. When you apply it though, it's amazing how it transforms you eyes. The yellow immediately covers any skin discoloration or redness, making you look alert and well rested. This is great product for any sleep-deprived, over-worked woman out there!

The texture is a slightly sticky and cold. The trick is to swirl your finger in the product to warm it up before applying to your eyes.

As for preventing creasing of the eye shadow, I can't say that it worked on me. My eye shadow did crease slightly but it was barely noticeable.

Remember to apply to the "inner" corners of the eyes too, which is usually a very dark area, and under the eyes.

On those no-makeup, lazy days, just apply a little product to instantly brighten your eyes. It will give you an "fresh" look.

Especially recommended for women over 30 with skin discoloration and imperfections. These will vanish instantly.

A great product overall. Try it, you'll be amazed!

for more information and cources visit

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why only American Dental Plan?

Majority of people through out the world are struggling to get their dental problems treated, but the high costs involved are restricting most of them from undergoing these treatments. This problem is solved with the introduction of the American dental plan.

What is American Dental Plan all about?

American dental plan helps in providing all the dental treatments at an affordable price to every one. It’s an old voluntary dental benefit plan which has introduced the reduced fee concept to make the dental facilities available to every one.

American dental plan is a voluntary plan with more than 30,000 individuals as its active members.
Only by investing a small amount of money annually as a membership fee, an individual can enjoy the discounts in the dental charges of various dental treatments through out the year. The amount saved during all these visits and treatments in that year will be far greater than the annual membership fee that he will have to pay.

What kind of services does this plan provide us with?

Major states like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee & Alabama are all covered by this plan. A large number of general and specialized dentists are a part of this plan.

A member can select a dentist of his choice according to his convenience from the list of dentists participating in this plan.

He can also choose any of the locations under this plan.

How to become a member of this plan?

The process of enrollment is very easy and involves less paper work. The steps involved in becoming an active participant of this plan are:

- Going through the plan of interest and its payment details.

- Filling the enrollment form and submitting it along with the payment details either by an e-mail or mail.
- As soon as the form is registered, ID cards will be sent immediately.

- With the help of this ID card, the discounts and other services offered by this plan can be enjoyed
- Generally, this membership is transferable.

What are the advantages of being an active member of American Dental Plan?

The advantages that an active member of this plan enjoys are:

- As an active member, he won’t be charged for X-Rays, Routine Cleanings, Topical Fluoride, Oral Exams and Local Anesthesia.

- Other dental treatment costs are very low when compared to that of the actual costs. This is an advantage for a person with an average income. About 20% - 60% discounts are given to the active members.

- There are no limits for the number of visits he pays to the dentist throughout the year.

- There are no hidden costs involved. All he has to do is to pay a fixed amount of membership fee and get activated every year to enjoy the benefits of this plan.

- He can choose any dentist of his choice from the dental directory list.

- Only licensed, skilled and experienced dentists are a part of this plan.

- Individual plans, family dental plans and also Employer Group Coverage plans are available. He can choose any of these plans according to his necessity. Family dental plans are more preferable than the individual plans as they cost less.

- The process of enrollment is very easy and involves very less paper work.

- There are no waiting periods. He can enjoy the discounts the same day he receives his ID card.
- If he is not satisfied with his dentist he can happily change him by complaining it to the company. Any other inconvenience can also be reported to the company via mail or e-mail.

- An individual of any age can become an active member of this plan and can enjoy its benefits.
- He need not provide any referrals to consult a specialist. All he has to do is to call up the dentist and take an appointment at a time favorable to him.

Thus, as an active member of the American Dental Plan all the dental problems can be solved at extremely low costs. So, better get enrolled today and get treated by your favorite dentist along with other facilities at extremely low and affordable costs.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Med att välja bröllopsfotografer inte kan man vara mer försiktig utomnär de vet säkert från en tidigare kund eller en peer referens talar omderas utmärkta kaliber i ockupationen. Men om du inte har en bra bröllopsfotograf som du redan känner eller någon kan som du vethänvisa; Du kanske vill vara riktigt noga med att välja rätt Bröllopsfotograf Göteborg för din D-day. Till att börja med måste du förstå vad bra fotografihandlar om. Bröllopsfotografering  traditionellt sätt med att klicka på de olika händelserna för bröllopet med högteknologisk utrustning och arrangera dem alla i storleksordningen förekomst i en väl utformadfotoalbum.

Som har högteknologiska fotografering verktyg är inte nytt för de flesta bröllopsfotografer i staden men vad skiljer och enastående fotograf från en vanlig en är det sätt som han kan fånga varje känsla och att bilderna berätta en saga historia varje gång du tittar  albumet. Han måste veta hur man kan föra dessa känslor av en skara människor som hanjust har sett som är klädd i kläder som han inte har valts och sitter under varierad belysning vinklar som han inte har ordnat. Under senaste sofistikerad decennierna har förekommit ständiga förbättringar i fotografi teknik och med tillkomsten av digitala tekniker uppgiften har verkligen fått enklare ändå. Fotografi stilar är varierande; de flesta människor gillar att vara unik och att särskilt endeavor de ta fotografens råd ochvälja olika stilar som kan även skriva ut stillbilder i svart och vitt.

Det är trevligt att välja din bröllopsfotograf  internet sedan dessa dagar nästan alla registreras  webben och det gör det lättare och mycket mer bekvämt för dig att  igenom sin portfölj och deras fotografiska prover samt priser utan att behöva rådfråga dem hela tiden. Ordnaen tid för att se dem i sina respektive ateljéer, och försöka bedöma deras arbete ivrigt innan slutföra ditt beslut  något av dem. Välja att seproverna och kolla om de har prover som har täckt händelser i ett bröllop från A-Z, detta ger dig en uppfattning om hur bra de är  att fånga varenda även i ett bröllop. Analysera uttryck och elegant visning avkänslor av de människor som ska fotograferas, om de ser avslappnadoch glad som innebär fotografen verkligen har förmågan att bygga bra rapport med sina undersåtar och det är halva jobbet gjort.   vidare och vara kloka nog att välja den bästa Bröllopsfotografen för den viktigaste dagen i era liv.